Before and After

A story from the founder and creator of Juice County the Brand, Sam Manzo:

juice-conceptOn a Sunday afternoon my wife, kids and I were debating where to have supper.  After several minutes of driving around we finally found a place and decided to give it a try.  Once seated the waitress brought the kid’s coloring kit to my youngest daughter.  She was not into drawing that night, so I grabbed the crayons and began scribbling my thoughts onto a piece of paper.  For months I had this concept in my head and for some odd reason that night was special and I sketched what would become the first concept art of Juice County the Brand.

That night I went home and grabbed my whiteboard and began expanding on what I had done at the restaurant. From that point on I started looking at quality fabric and processes to make my idea a reality. Months later after much thought and planning. I now have a full clothing line – Juice County.


Music is my passion. I have been doing music for over 10 years now (see Manzo’s artist page here). But music is not just a form of art, it’s a lifestyle – a lifestyle that is very fashion oriented. For years I had lots of ideas but always questioned my success because I did not want to be another local OC boy with his own clothing line. I wanted to stand out. Juice County is different. This is beyond Orange County CA, we are all unique. Wether you’re from Orange County or New York City, we all have a unique background and story. Juice County IS a lifestyle and we’re ready to show the world.

Juice County, it’s a lifestyle.